Blog Update

New blog domain, new me.

So I’ve finally got my act together and paid £1 to get my name registered as a domain for my blog. I know, guys, I’ve finally made it.

It was one of my New Year’s resolutions to blog more, get a domain that wasn’t .wordpress, and generally write more stuff. Whether that is blog posting (probably best to, given my substantial financial investment into it, now), review writing for Miro Magazine (cheap plug), or work experience and freelance (getting there).

So yeah, now I’m here and doing my first update in almost a year. Holy cow.

If you are a humble traveller and do not know me, or you do know me and ignore everything I say and do (I don’t blame you), then here’s a quick recap.

I’m now an MA Journalism student at the University of Sheffield, finally studying and going into the career that I’ve wanted since I was a lil young’un. I moved here in September, and I’m very much enjoying the whole experience (give or take minor shorthand-related breakdowns).

One main thing is that I’m waiting to hear back about an internship over the summer at Bloomberg, which will either be a happy or sad blog post sometime next week. It’s both exciting and terrifying thinking about careers already, but I guess it’s inevitable, given how quickly this academic year is progressing.

I am going to make sure I do not neglect this blog, and hopefully keep people posted with how I’m doing, any opinion/news pieces I fancy writing that nobody else will pay me for, and whatever else I fancy.

Talk soon, etc.


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