Going Nowhere is going somewhere.

I’m just making a small post to talk about my upcoming joint project, Going Nowhere.

It’s part of my publication with my Creative Writing course, and we should be able to make an announcement soon. But it’s looking really promising and I’ve absolutely loved working with Thom and Charlotte, and the project, despite having problems come up along the way, is most certainly my favourite work to date.

It’s a novelette written in the haibun form (a prose and poetry combination).

It focuses on the lives of three creative writing graduates 15 years after they have graduated and entered the real world.

Robert Francis (my character), Louisa Westerfield (Charlotte’s character), and Jim (Thom’s character, which we never gave a surname… I’m not sure why) have all got themselves stuck in a rut. Jim is an unhappy teacher, surrounded by pupils that don’t care about anything, Robert is a famous adult fiction writer (and a published crime fiction writer), miserable with his fame and broken by his desire of being a serious novelist, and Louisa is still living a broken life after everything she worked towards was stolen by an old friend.

After a university reunion takes an unfortunate turn, the three characters meet up for the first time in over a decade and come up with a plan, a plan that will take them on a trip to the other side of the world, pushing their friendship to its limits.

More will be announced in due time, plus information on where to buy it and cover art etc!

Thanks for reading.



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