Poetry Takeaway, publication work, and the Society.

I took part in a poetry takeaway and bake sale for charity yesterday, that was pretty fun. I got to write a few poems for people and we made a lot from looking at what we collected. I might post one of the poems in a bit too, it’s fun and kinda scary writing on demand for people, especially when you can’t control the topic.

The publication for my course is coming along great too. We have a lot of editing to do but we’re playing around with titles and covers at the moment, hopefully we can have some more news on that in the near future.

It’s good to finally get the timetable clear of society stuff for the time-being too. It’s been a busy few weeks, with the comedy festival event, variety night, and bake sale, not to mention our current work on the publication…

We have the elections coming up soon too… let’s hope that goes well.

Might start posting rough drafts of work up on here if I feel like it too, if you’d like to see my work let me know and I can start posting it or sharing it with you all.



Well hello there, I guess.

You have stumbled upon my blog. Congratulations, your mother and I are so proud, presumably. I am, anyway.

This blog will hold random thoughts, comments, rants, and bits and pieces of my work; but for now, we shall just have this short introductory post so I can share the blog to my Facebook page.

I will be posting more about things in the future when deadlines aren’t making my head explode.

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.